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In October 2016, Chivas Regal launched  CHIVAS REGAL ULTIS , its new luxurious and captivating whisky. Depending on the brand,
It is  “The ultimate celebration of the heart and soul of Chivas Regal” .  This very first blended malt whiskey from Maison Chivas Regal, made from 5 signature malts, was created in honor of the 5 Master Blenders of the Maison who have dedicated their lives to developing its style of whiskey since 1909. It This is the brand's biggest product launch of 2016.



From the start of the project, the Chivas Innovation team, in charge of the launch of Ultis, came to ask for our collaboration in order to give life to the creations imagined by their design agency. Together, we have taken up many packaging challenges:


# How to apply the iconic GOLD CHAMPAGNE color, developed specifically for the product,
through the different materials of the pack (metal, paper, etc.)?

# How to adapt the initial design of the bottle according to industrial constraints?

# How to bring out the diamond points, the product's iconic motif, both on the bottle and on the box?

How ?


Several development phases structured the project:

# Essais couleurs sur étiquette et      capsule afin de trouver l’OR        

   CHAMPAGNE parfait.

# Développement du gaufrage 3D “motif pointes de diamant” sur le coffret

 # Recherche et sélection du papier combinant esthétique et technologie

# Conception des maquettes de bouteilles et de coffrets.

# Retravail du dimensionnel de la bouteille et finalisation du plan technique.

"A packaging project that lasted two years

and that we are proud to have followed until the end!"


But the story doesn't end there...


Once the packaging was finalized, the marketing team asked us again: this time, it was a question of developing the objects accompanying the product and intended for bars and commercial events (tasting ritual, bottle bucket, ice tongs …).


We adjusted the designs of Chivas Regal's creative agency to make them technically feasible and then found the best suppliers specializing in luxury goods.



From a first production of 200 pieces for the annual Pernod Ricard convention,

we then moved on to  an industrial production of thousands of pieces…

So that every Chivas consumer can enjoy a perfect moment with a glass of  CHIVAS REGAL ULTIS .

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