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East & West


Royal Salute


Launch of a limited-edition Royal Salute, on the art of blending, to celebrate the synergy between the extraordinary blends of tea and Scotch whisky


Consulting & Models


To refine the collages of artist Martin O'Neill which take up the predominant themes and rituals of Eastern and Western cultures

Our role

Mid-Year Gift Pack_Front_East.jpg
Mid-Year Gift Pack_Side_East.jpg

We entrusted him with the manual engraving of the brass tools to obtain this impression of multiple superimpositions of collages. After having developed the multi-level 3D embossing tools, we industrialised them for the production of the boxes and then ensured the transfer of the technical file to the industrial supplier.

For this limited edition, which includes an EAST box, whose collage reflects the oriental world of tea, and a WEST box, which reflects a British world, we worked closely with an engraver and embosser, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. 

Mid-Year Gift Pack_Front_West.jpg

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