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Havana Club


Development of the ICONICA collection, the prestige range of Havana Club rums: Selección de Maestros, Tributo, 15 years, Unión, Máximo.


Consulting & Models


To manage the technical development of the different packaging elements of the range, from A to Z. al development of the various packaging elements of the range, from A to Z


# With Unión, we took up the challenge of making a label in metal and on a rounded bottle:

a real screen-printed metal plate that perfectly fits the format of the bottle.


# For the first luxury bottle of Havana rum, the box had to be both elegant and practical. What we obtained by working on the association of materials such as faux leather, with a pleasant touch, and gold transcripts.


# Nothing is too good for Maximo, Havana Club's most premium bottle.


# After having developed the Maximo crystal carafe and its perfect glass bubble, a feat in glassmaking, we have optimized its precious wood box to wedge the bottle to the millimeter and protect it to perfection.

Cuban luxury!

For this collection of high-end rums, the agency provided assistance  technical &  industry throughout the various developments. The missions were multiple. It was about offering  innovative solutions,  to develop  suppliers and manufacture prototypes for launches or photo shoots.


# For Selección de Maestros, we developed a metallic colored label, combined with fine embossing, and designed a canister that gives the perfect illusion of real wood. A successful trick  !


#  All of our know-how was applied to Tributo to produce the first white ceruse wooden box for a Rum, and the development of a label printed on cotton paper using a multi-level embossing & pressing tool: The result speaks for itself.

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