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Havana Club


New identity, authentic and Cuban, for Havana Club 7 años rum


Consulting & Models


Combine the creative impulses of the Havana Club design agency with the industrial constraints of the suppliers

HC7 Gros 1.jpg

In concrete terms, our collaboration with the Havana Club teams (marketing, purchasing, industrial) during the 2-year development has resulted in: 


  • Investigation and approval of potential suppliers.

  • development of the glass shape: design of glass plans and resin models to validate the overall shape of the bottle and carry out the tests on the bottling line in Cuba

  • Research and testing of several uncoated papers to give a craft and very qualitative aspect.

  • production of glass models in industrial conditions, printing of offset labels with embossing, gilding,

  • development of a flat brass 3D embossing tool for a better embossing finish.

  • industrial development of the bottle with the glassmaker and the drafting of precise specifications

Our role

We had 3 focus areas:

  • Marketing  :  always respect the authentic and exuberant identity of the initial design developed by the marketing teams.

  • Industrial  :  limit the investment linked to the modification of the bottling line.

  • Finance  :  -       stay at a price level compatible with a premium rum produced on a large scale.

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