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Mlle De Margaux

Strengthening of the reputation of Mademoiselle de Margaux, the regional chocolate brand, drawing its inspiration from the famous Margaux vineyards

Design Space / Point of Sale


In a small area in the centre of Bordeaux-Mérignac airport, to create and set up an elegant, clever and attractive point of sale 

Our role

Boutique Melle Margaux.png

The star products are placed, like jewels, in glass cases at the top of personalised podiums, the femininity of the product being embodied by the elegance of the shapes and volumes.  


Different options were presented in 3D views. After the creative phase, we tackled the technical phase: choice of materials, creation of dimensional plans and elevations, preparation of manufacturing plans and the production schedule. 

To create this mini-shop, our space designers worked on the design but also on the point of sale ergonomics. To reflect the specificity of Melle de Margaux, we chose a high quality and refined approach. We used the link between the products and the vine (the grapes, the vine shoots, the Armagnac...), to reassure and seduce the customer. 

Then, we followed the manufacturing by the various trades: carpenters, electricians, sign makers, printers, decorators. The last stage was the installation at the airport, which we coordinated on site (night work, in a high-security environment).

The result: a concept store with a strong personality!

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