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Kit "Brand Ambassador" 


GH Mumm


to help its ambassadors convey key messages, GH Mumm has developed a brand-new presentation accompanied by a kit of objects to support the speech


Manufacture of brand activation object


to design and produce the various objects in the kit and to imagine the "Brand Ambassadors" bag that would carry these objects around the world

sac mumm.png

At the same time, we designed the 5 objects in the kit (supports research for aroma samples or limestone soil; creation of a map of the Champagne region and the tasting set; personalisation of swords) and we produced 20 copies of each item in order to equip the entire team of Brand Ambassadors

Our role

Our volume designer imagined 8 types of luggage, different in shape and ergonomics. MUMM chose a leather bag, which we finalised and prototyped in collaboration with a leather goods workshop

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