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RS21 Perfume Gift Set


Royal Salute


After revealing  its new  universe inspired by  the Royal Menagerie  British,  Royal  Salute21  creates an olfactory landscape and a perfume for its 3  references: Signature  Blend, Lost Blend and Malts  Blend.


Limited editions


Design the range of gift boxes adapted to this new olfactory universe.

Our role

After the design phase, our agency managed the production of the prototypes then the printing of 250 boxes, miniature labels and perfume bottles as well as the manufacture of the olfactory supports (ceramic or paper seal). Our workshops then ensured the assembly of the gift boxes and the packaging of the various elements.

We declined the concept for different versions of the box, the most complete offering miniatures of  whiskey, perfumes  and  olfactory carriers. 


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