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Launch of the new whiskey  CHIVAS ULTIS



Consulting & Models

To extend the ULTIS visual identity (diamond points and rose gold) to all the product's packaging components

70cl bottle & box hero shot.jpg

After having made the technical drawings, we followed, with the glassmaker, the development of the bottom of the bottle with the "diamond point" motif and then produced the glass models of the bottle. We also carried out the printing tests to ensure that the colours were correct on the label and the collar. We then had to develop, in collaboration with an embossing craftsman, the 3D embossing with the "diamond point" motif which adorns the box and the label

Our role

The packaging challenges were multiple: how to bring out the diamond points, an iconic motif, on the bottle and the box? How to apply the specifically developed GOLDEN ROSE colour to the different materials of the pack (paper, metal, etc.)?

Ultis box gaufrage.jpg

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